Hall of Heroes

Putting out fires and saving babies doesn’t make you a hero… anyone can do that. No, right here are the men and women (actually there are no women) who can drive while shooting and who regularly walk away from explosions smoking cigars. These are the real heroes. Welcome to the hall of heroes. (Note: Anyone not on this list is NOT a hero)

The Heroes


Why he makes the list: As the biggest man alive, and one of the two biggest action stars in the world Arnie pretty much is the list. He ticks every box too from playing lots of characters called John to smoking big cigars.
Skills: HUGE physique, catch phrases, Austrian accent, politics, business, bodybuilding
Select Filmography: Terminator, Commando, Conan, True Lies, Kindergarden Cop, Total Recall, Twins
Most Famous Character: Terminator
Quote: ‘Well I’ve got news for you, you are mine now, you belong to me!’


Why he makes the list: Without Stallone there wouldn’t be a list. He single handedly invented the eighties with the Rambo series, and is currently bringing it back via the Expendables and his sequels. Still insanely ripped at well-over sixty.
Skills: Incredibly ripped, amazing snarl, odd vascularity, writing, directing, 160 IQ
Select Filmography: Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables, Cliff Hanger, Tango and Cash, Lock Up, Demolition Man
Most Famous Character: Rocky
Status: Active
Quote: ‘Yo Adrian! I did it!’

Jackie Chan

Why he makes the list: Jackie Chan is the Asian version of an 80s Action hero and his films are just as insanely over-the-top as Arnie’s or Stallone’s if not more so. He’s also co-starred and cameod with Sly, Arnie and Li (and Burt Reynolds) in various films and was a part owner of Planet Hollywood.
Skills: Excellent accent, many broken bones, insane agility, successful singing career
Select Filmography: Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, Police Story, Armour of God, Wheels on Meals
Most Famous Character: Dragon
Status: Active
Quote: ‘I’ll bitch slap you back to Africa!’

Bruce Willis

Why he makes the list: Bruce Willis is generally considered the ‘third’ action hero in the holy trinity. He helped own Planet Hollywood, he has his own catch phrase, and many people consider Die Hard the ultimate example of top-class Action film making.
Skills: Unique swear words, vests, crooked smile, failed singing career
Select Filmography: Die Hard, The Fifth Element, The Expendables
Most Famous Character: John McClane
Status: Active
Quote: ‘Yipi-ki-yay motherfucker!’

Mel Gibson

Why he Makes the List: Lethal Weapon is seminal eighties, as is Mad Max. He’s ripped, and his one liners really zing. Sure he’s done some none-action stuff, but then so has Bruce Willis and let’s face it – Arnie and Sly. His insanity is probably just some sort of method acting…
Skills: Insanity, ripped physique, quick talking, anti-Semitism and alcoholism
Select Filmography: Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, Payback
Most Famous Character: Martin Riggs
Status: Active/Drunk
Quote: ‘The chain in those handcuffs is high-tensile steel. It’d take you ten minutes to hack through it with this. Now, if you’re lucky, you can hack through your ankle in five minutes. Go! ‘

Chuck Norris

Why he Makes the List: Are you kidding? He’d kill us all if he wasn’t on this list (this list is VERY important to him. And to everyone really).
Skills: Laser vision, 1,000,000 tonne bench press, diamond-hard skin, mind control, immortality, changes television channels by blinking, nuclear flatulence, ginger beard+chest hair
Select Filmography: Missing in Action, Dodge Ball, Walker Texas Ranger, Game of Death
Most Famous Character: Walker
Status: God
Quote: ‘I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end’

Jason Statham

Why he Makes the List: Statham may not be 80s in era, but he is certainly 80s in spirit. He’s the only young guy carrying the torch with films like the Transporter and Crank. He even gets a cool fight scene in The Bank Job. He’s also in Expendables which makes it official.
Skills: Martial arts, muscle, walking while shooting, cockney accent, bald head
Select Filmography: Crank, The Transporter, The Expendables, War, Snatch
Most Famous Character: Bacon
Status: Active
Quote: ‘You plum!’

Danny Glover

Why he makes the list: Danny Glover was in Lethal Weapon – instant legend. But did you know he was also in Predator 2?? And then on top of that he was also in a film with Stallone. Which one? Antz of course. The Orange ads then only confirm that he has been typecast as 80s action. The best thing that can happen in an actor’s career. And the below quote has got to be one of the most famous in Action legend. He was also in Saw weirdly…
Skills: Looking kind of weary, being friends with Mel Gibson, cool voice, Orange phones contract
Select Filmography: Predator 2, Lethal Weapons, Saw, Antz, Maverick
Most Famous Character: Roger Murtaugh
Status: Active
Quote: ‘I’m too old for this shit’

Carl Weathers

Why he makes the list: He has twice played characters that compete with Arnie and Stallone. He has boxed Stallone and arm wrestled Arnie. If that doesn’t earn him a place, nothing does. Brilliantly he also seems to be a bit of a laugh having appeared in Happy Gillmore and Arrested Development. If you were in any doubt he was also ‘Action Jackson’.
Skills: Amazing shoulders, often a cool moustache
Select Filmography: Rockys, Predator, Happy Gillmore, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Arrested Development
Most Famous Character: Apollo Creed
Status: TV Actor
Quote: ‘Eye of the tiger!’

Dolph Lundgren

Why he makes the list: Dolph Lundgren rocks. A successful martial artist, insanely tall and with a massive physique he is a giant. He’s been in several action classics opposite other famous action heroes: The Expendables, Rocky 4, Universal Soldier… and he’s made hundreds of direct to DVD action B-listers. Hero.
Skills: Very tall, putting on Russian accents, ridiculously strong, PHD, martial arts
Select Filmography: Expendables, Rocky 4, He-Man, Universal Soldier, The Mechanik
Most Famous Character: Drago
Status: Active
Quote: ‘I must break you’

Jean Claude Van Damme

Why he makes the list: He’s a bit of a dick and definitely a step down from A-listers like Arnie, Stallone and Chan, but there’s a place for him nonetheless and he’s made some real classics such as Kickboxer, Time Cop and Universal Soldier. He’s also won himself some man points recently by expressing interest in Expendables 2 and by entering himself into K1 at over 50 years of age.
Skills: Bodybuilding, kickboxing, ridiculous name, ALWAYS doing the splits
Select Filmography: Time Cop, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Street Fighter, Universal Soldier, Friends
Most Famous Character: Frank Dux
Status: Active
Quote: ”Good night, asshole’

The Rock

Why he makes the list: The Rock ROCKS and everyone knows he is the one true heir to the action throne. His career actually mirror’s Arnie’s having moved to action after conquering another sport and surprising everyone who didn’t take him seriously. Arnie actually gave him the greenlight to take over in a cameo in Welcome to the Jungle and word has it that Stallone will hand the reigns of the Expendables over to him in the next film. So it’s OFFICIAL. Also, in Welcome to the Jungle, he PUNCHES THROUGH A WALL.
Select Filmography: Welcome to the Jungle, Scorpion King, The Toothfairy, The Other Guys, Doom
Most Famous Character: The Scorpion King
Status: Active
Quote: ‘Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?’

The Rest – Profiles Coming Soon

Harison Ford
Eddie Murphy
Steven Seagal
Jet Li
Bruce Lee
Tom Cruise
Wesley Snipes


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